In general, PrototypesPROTO are not standalone digital products or services and they should be considered as valuable tools that help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses understand workflows, usability, and what features must be added moving forward.

The main purpose of PrototypesPROTO is to help stakeholders make correct decisions about the development process in order to reduce mistakes and increase the value of their upcoming digital products and services.

PrototypesPROTO are far from being perfect implementations and usually don't make it to the market but they can get in the hands of approved business users. Their review work will help the development team isolate issues, improve the prototype or (if required) even decide on creating a new one.

Innovative digital products and services can have multiple PrototypesPROTO as part of the development process. They will encourage finding and testing new ideas and concepts that are essential to the success and relevance of these products and services.

PrototypesPROTO are a great method to showcase digital products and services to stakeholders and investors in situations when time and resources are limited. It's easy to see that PrototypesPROTO can attract new investors and they open the door for the creation of Minimum Viable ProductsMVP and further development stages.

As a general rule, PrototypesPROTO are always needed before moving to Minimum Viable ProductsMVP.

Key Features For Prototypes

  • Helps visualize functionality and design
  • Collects early feedback
  • Identifies mistakes related to design and development
  • Reduces complex ideas into understandable elements
  • Validates flow based on business users
  • Improves chances of getting seed funding
  • Small to medium size project, essential to any development process

To get a better understanding of PrototypesPROTO, in relation to Proof Of Concepts and Minimum Viable Products, we invite you to check-out the POC vs. Prototypes vs. MVP page.

If you wish to discover how PrototypesPROTO can help you and your business to bring ideas to life, don't hesitate to contact us.