In general, Proof Of ConceptsPOC are created to validate an idea or assess the feasibility of a concept before any development process begins and remain private from the public.

Proof Of ConceptsPOC are an excellent method to share knowledge related to the core features of a new digital product or service inside an organization or between development teams. During their creation, the focus remains exclusively on technology, intentionally ignoring the design (User-Experience/User-Interface, UX/UI).

Proof Of ConceptsPOC become mandatory when entrepreneurs, start-ups, or businesses pursue an idea that's brand new or if the future digital product or service contains an original feature that clearly separates it from the competition. For concepts that are already validated in the market, the creations of Proof Of ConceptsPOC becomes optional.

For truly innovative start-ups that wish to develop out-of-the-box digital products and services, Proof Of ConceptsPOC will help in collecting evidence and information that can be presented to stakeholders and investors. Proof Of ConceptsPOC verify technical assumptions and the practicality of an idea while keeping costs down and risks low.

It's also important to point out that Proof Of ConceptsPOC can be useful for seed-stage funding and are considered as valuable research to get a definitive green light for the actual development process.

Key Features For Proof Of Concepts

  • Showcases concept feasibility, confirms idea potential
  • A cost and time effective way to validate features
  • Highlights risks and errors at early stages
  • Gives clear 'Yes' or 'No' at the beginning of a project
  • Ensures speedy development
  • Keeps the investment risk low
  • Allows internal share of knowledge

To get a better understanding of Proof Of ConceptsPOC, in relation to Prototypes and Minimum Viable Products, we invite you to check-out the POC vs. Prototypes vs. MVP page.

If you wish to discover how Proof Of ConceptsPOC can help you and your business to bring ideas to life, don't hesitate to contact us.