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Why Start Product Creation with Prototypes The Product Creation process is welcomed by entrepreneurs and is seen as a time to grow their business and learn.

If you're looking to bring your idea to the market, in the form of a software service or digital product, then the best way to start the product creation process and, at the same time, pay attention to the needs of your future users is to create a prototype.

Prototypes are a tried-and-tested method of creating a small project and actually testing it, with the help of a limited group of approved users, before initiating the development process.

The ultimate goal of a prototype is to show the value of the future software product or digital service and to bring forward the core features that make the idea unique. Prototypes are not even close to a finished product. Features and functionalities still need to be sorted out and the design (UI/UX) needs to be properly defined and approved.

A prototype can be considered a starting point for an iterative process that will eventually build your idea into an actual digital project with the help of user feedback and continuous improvements.

Prototypes are not unique to the IT world. Prototyping is a process borrowed from the manufacturing industry where skilled manufacturers would create the first version of a product to test it, convince the stakeholders of its value, and eventually set up the production line.

When it comes to the development of software services or digital products, we can create design-only prototypes and/or actual software projects that work as a prototype. Depending on the complexity of an idea, multiple smaller software projects (small prototypes) can be created, each with its own purpose.

A design prototype for a software product or digital application can take the form of an interactive mock-up. There are several tools that allow the creation of such prototypes without needing to write a line of code. It's clear that a design-only prototype is a simulation of what the product or service could be, a fast and affordable way to interact with the idea and to collect valuable feedback required for the actual development process.

Prototypes help start the product creation process but require good deal of attention and planning and should not be confused with proof of concepts. Prototypes are not accurate implementations with pixel-perfect designs, their purpose is to test the idea, save costs and lead the way to the implementation phase.

We encourage all our clients to start product creation with a prototype and see how ideas comes to life.
Don't hesitate to contact us and let's discuss about your ideas.

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