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Sketch Prototypes, Basic Interactive Prototypes, and Advanced Interactive Prototypes Selecting the type of prototype that's best for a project, depends on the information available and the end goal.

Sketch Prototypes

Sketch Prototypes are the simplest and fastest way to visualize the first iterations of an idea. They don't require any technical skills or digital tools and, usually, are created using pen and paper (or a white-board), involving team members and even the client in some cases.

Sketch Prototypes are a dynamic and sometimes fun process with great rewards in terms of knowledge and with very low costs.

The creation of Sketch Prototypes allows the exploration of new features and workflows without risks, the replication of features from existing products to understand their inner mechanics, and the organization of the team before actual design and development work is done.

Basic Interactive Prototypes

Basic Interactive Prototypes are small projects (software-based or not) created using different digital tools that are designed to simulate/handle various core features and functionalities. Wire-frame projects, basic desktop or web applications, and console applications are only a few examples of Basic Interactive Prototypes.

The main objectives of a Basic Interactive Prototype are to showcase the features and workflows for a digital product or service, to gather early feedback, to analyze user experience, to find potential issues, and to conduct research for the upcoming iterations.

In other words, during the creation of a Basic Interactive Prototype, the focus will be on how the future product will behave in real life and not on the design of the project (the User interface, UI).

In case critical issues are discovered or the feedback from users is entirely negative, the Basic Interactive Prototype provides the perfect opportunity to rethink and reorganize the project with a low impact on the budget and overall project time-line.

Advanced Interactive Prototypes

Advanced Interactive Prototypes are the closest thing to reality when it comes to the transformation of an idea into a digital product or service. They might require more work in terms of design and software development but they will allow stakeholders to interact with their vision for the very first time.

The development of an Advanced Interactive Prototype includes the work needed to define and create the User Interface (UI) and the overall User Experience (UX), in addition to the software development of various core features and workflows. It's clear that this will add real value to the overall business venture and will allow stakeholders to efficiently pursue financing opportunities from investors and institutions.

This type of prototype opens the door for serious testing sessions that will gather crucial information necessary for the upcoming development stages. Test users, investors, and even pre-approved users will have their hands full testing this type of prototype. A well-designed and developed Advanced Interactive Prototype can almost guarantee the successful attraction of funds needed to convert an idea into a real-life business.

Regardless of the type of prototype that corresponds to an idea or business venture, it's important to remember that prototypes, in general, are only intermediary products on the road to the official version of a digital product or service.

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