The Agile Methodology approach, proven numerous times in the I.T. industry with numerous product releases to the market, allows Blackburn Studio to achieve real results while ensuring high-quality deliverables, within budget and estimated time-frames.

Blackburn Studio's development workflow helps address concerns and demands in iterations (also known as milestones in the case of larger projects) until the final version of the project is achieved.

At each iteration, work is refined based on feedback, in addition to in-house testing sessions and quality reviews.

Blackburn Studio recommends and schedules periodic meetings (online and offline) to share information and discuss the status of projects with each client.

The open and dynamic communication practices of Blackburn Studio allow the development team to adapt easily to changes and meet expectations.

The Agile Methodology gives clients the opportunity to become involved in the development process and get a clear understanding of what is being created.

Core Benefits For Agile Methodology