Why work with Blackburn Studio?
Why work with Blackburn Studio?

About Why work with Blackburn Studio?

With extensive experience in creating custom software solutions, Blackburn Studio can help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses validate ideas of new digital products and services, confirm their market potential, and prepare for future meetings with investors and institutions.

Blackburn Studio's efficient and dynamic development workflow enables the design and implementation of custom software Proof Of ConceptsPOC, PrototypesPROTO and Minimum Viable ProductsMVP.

Blackburn Studio finds the best mix of technologies in order to deliver the project needed, in a short time-line and within a reasonable budget.

What can Blackburn Studio deliver?
What can Blackburn Studio deliver?

About What can Blackburn Studio deliver?

Blackburn Studio's activity is based on Agile Methodology and fully focused on real deliverables that help entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses towards their end goal.

Blackburn Studio designs and develops Proof Of ConceptsPOC, PrototypesPROTO and Minimum Viable ProductsMVP in accordance with business needs and/or specifications.

For each collaboration, deliverables like Custom Software Projects, Design Concepts, Branding Concepts, Documentation, Digital Resources, and Estimation Documents will transform any idea into a concrete digital product or service with business potential and real market value ready to be promoted, showcased, or commercialized.

For more information, check-out the deliverables page.

Which solution is best?
Which solution is best?

About Which solution is best?

Blackburn Studio helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses understand which solution is best for their current request and business context.

Proof Of ConceptsPOC A Proof Of Concept (POC) is typically a small project or a collection of resources, created in a short period of time and with-in a lower budget, to verify if a particular idea can be developed from a technological point of view, given a specific business context.

PrototypesPROTO A Prototype (PROTO) is a small to medium size project designed and developed to highlight how a new digital product or service will look and feel by testing its design, usability, and functionality with the help of a selected group of business users.

Minimum Viable ProductsMVP A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a functional digital product or service that contains only core features that are capable of generating revenue, real market value, an early fan base, and crucial user feedback required for future development.

How to start a collaboration?
How to start a collaboration?

About How to start a collaboration?

The first step towards beginning a collaboration is to schedule a meeting (online, face-to-face) or a call (phone, Skype, WhatsApp) to discuss about the project. This initial meeting allows Blackburn Studio to get a proper understanding of what is needed and determine the details of the collaboration moving forward.

Blackburn Studio highly respects the business privacy of its clients so a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will govern all collaborations.

After the initial meeting, a plan of action will be created and submitted back to the client for review and approval (which will give the green light to begin the collaboration and start the development process).

Who is part of Blackburn Studio?
Who is part of {BusinessData.BlackburnStudio?.Name}?

About Who is part of Blackburn Studio?

Blackburn Studio is part of KronStudio, a company registered and active in G.-D. Luxembourg. The I.T. management team located in the Luxembourg office will be the primary point of contact for clients.

Blackburn Studio relies on a team of contractors and collaborators located across the European Union in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, and Romania. Each project will be created by Blackburn Studio's team under the supervision of its I.T. Project Manager.

When to start?
When to start?

About When to start?

Start right now! Don't hesitate to contact Blackburn Studio even if you only have a rough idea, a concept, or a problem that needs a solution.